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Moor Trees

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We are all aware of the many environmental issues around us these days. As a supplier providing international shipping services, Meritex International is committed to do their bit to help reduce carbon emissions.

We have teamed up with local charity Moor Trees who plant native trees in and around Dartmoor, Devon – the beautiful UK national park right here in Devon.

For every quote accepted, we pledge to plant a number of trees in order to offset some of the carbon emissions produced by the shipment.  We will calculate the number of trees using our unique algorithm when the shipment has reached its final destination. Then, on a quarterly basis, we will work with Moor Trees to plant native species from seeds collected locally. These seeds are nurtured in the dedicated Moor Trees nurseries until they are ready to be planted out. This will help to reduce the impact of some of the carbon produced by the shipments that have taken place.

To see more about Moor Trees – please click here

We are proud that our staff are very much aware of environmental changes and are actively contributing to the preservation of our world in their daily activities. We recycle as much as possible with weekly recycling for our paper, cardboard, glass, cans and plastics.  We have also reduced the amount of paper we use by at least 50%, and aiming to achieve at least 80% reduction over next 12 months. We actively encourage our staff to use public transport rather than drive to the office where possible or even combine their commute with keeping fit by walking or cycling to work.