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Form 19 – Handling Services at OMC 2021

Meritex International have been appointed as the official exhibition freight forwarders and handling agent for OMC 2021. Only Meritex International can operate and provide forklifts, cranes, and workers used for the purpose of unloading vehicles, and delivery to stands inside the halls.

Please complete the following form to book our handling services, full information is available in our shipping instructions.

General Information:

Deadline for order submission: 1st September

The confirmation of this order and its receipt by Meritex International is deemed conclusive evidence of the customer's agreement to pay the total costs of services ordered from the date on the form.

1. Arrival on site, goods registration, handling, delivery to stand or to storage:

Please select date, time total hours and cost for each service required.

*NB.:For 13.6m trailers the minimum charge is of 4 hours.

Receiving Courier shipments on site:

Please select number of individual courier shipments and total cost.

2. On site charges for storage, equipment and labour:

Please select the total volume (CBM) of empty cases you require to be stored during the event.

3. Agency fee

4. Other charges

4.1 Overtime between 18:00hrs and 22:00hrs during normal week days - 50% surcharge on all rates
4.2 Overtime after 22:00hrs until 05:00hrs the following morning - 100% surcharge on all rates
4.3 Overtime on weekends and holidays - 100% surcharge on all rates
4.4 VAT at 20% (if applicable)


I hereby confirm that I have read and understood sections 1-4 and understand that the total amount payable may change subject to actual onsite requirements.
Surcharges for late orders:
After Deadline: 50% surcharge
On Site Orders: 100% surcharge

Important! Shipments arriving before 23rd September 2021 must be sent to advanced receiving warehouse (see shipping instructions.).
Important! All courier shipments will be delivered to stand once payment is settled